5 Crochet Patterns You Can Start Right Now to Keep Your Sanity Through the Holidays

Office parties, family parties, costume parties, ugly Christmas sweater parties… So much goes on during the last 3 months of the year. I  love being around people most of the time, but to be completely honest, I’m a hardcore introvert.  The less loud noise I hear, the better. I enjoy going to parties and spending time with my friends and family, but sometimes, I’m drained, tired, and my brain just wants to shut down. When I have this feeling but have social events I’d still like not to miss, I bring a WIP (work in progress) with me just in case. I’ll walk in with my little project bag and find a comfy place to sit and let the people come to me if they want to talk. It can seem kind of lazy to extroverts but as an introvert, I only have so much social energy.

But now about some of my favorite projects! (YAY!)

Sometimes it can be hard to have a conversation and crochet at the same time. Complicated patterns and sentences could do more harm than good for your mind. So find a simple project to work on while when you go to try this. Try any of the projects I’ve listed below.

Lastly, let me say, none of these crocheters asked me to post their work. I’m not getting anything from them for posting their patterns on my page. I thoroughly believe that the patterns listed below are easy, fun, and can lead to interesting conversations when someone who doesn’t know the first thing about crochet asks “Are you knitting?! That’s so cool!”

So let’s go!

Crochet Ear Warmer by Rescued Paw Designs

Home Maker Throw by Sewrella

The Boho Crochet Wrap by All About Ami

Crochet Lana Kimono by Sewrella

Light Alpaca Poncho by Mama In A Stitch

I absolutely love these patterns. Each designer I’ve mentioned above has so much talent and really takes the beginner crocheter to mind when creating these patterns.

I know it seems like a short list, but trust me when I say these projects will keep you busy! Especially when you decide to “go back for seconds”. Ha!

Stay tuned for more of my favorite WIPs!


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